Educational project


Why Education: Since the start of the pandemic, Educational Facilities were the most ones facing difficulties and challenges

Why Cairo: Cairo governorate was chosen because it has the most census of the population, so we find that it is one of the most governorates in need of radical solutions regarding social distancing and the control of diseases and epidemics.

Why Primary and Preparatory stages of education: We choose primary and preparatory educational stages Because the local culture of the people gives the most importance to these two stages, so we find that they are the two most crowded stages of students.

Why Elmarg district: Because it is the highest district in Cairo with students in the primary and middle school stages

The design started with distributing the desks in an arrangement that provide wide field of view for each student which is called: "The Horseshoe Desks arrangement" where the students never have their backs to one another, and all students have a clear unimpeded view of the central ‘stage’ area of the classroom


  • After Applying the 2-meter distance between desks on the 90m2 area available (the recommended space from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention l) the number of desks was significantly low (7 desks) compared to a minimum of 21 desks before the start of the pandemic, which doesn't fit to the high numbers of students that already go to the crowded classrooms of schools in Cairo.


  • From here we started thinking of a solution to combine between the Safety measurements and at the same time reaching the maximum possible number of students in the classroom.
  • We couldn't use any horizontal space in front of the desks to maintain the visual field of each student, so we began to think Vertically, the space we aren't using on the walls.
  • Through arranging the desks on a First and a Second level of the same classroom and maintaining the same 2 m distance between every 2 desks on the same level, we managed to reach 22 desks in the classroom.               
  • The two levels of desks are elevated in a way that makes the First level 1.00 meter high and the Second 2.20 meters high, and the reason behind these heights is to maintain a comfortable eye


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