Residential - Egypt Housing in New Minya

Residential - Egypt Housing in New Minya

The  project design philosophy : Corona epidemic has a negative impact on the health, environment, social and economic of the current housing (governmental social housing that represents a large segment of society: the case of the study) as well as lacks the basics of housing and in order to be addressed, the integration of nature is preferred with adding modifications to the existing housing unit in new cities at the governorate level, and using some modern technologies and methods to reach treated housing that compacting Corona epidemic and achieving the housing basics, with an increase in the unit cost not exceeding 26 thousand pounds added to the installments. Or taking it into account in buildings under construction at a lower cost that does not exceed 19 thousand pounds.

Suggested design solutions to reduce health and environmental impacts:

1- Transferring the car parks from the heart of the buildings group to exploit the internal space and converting it into a general social space + emptying some spaces in the ground floor in the buildings with the provision of the necessary service elements (pharmacy + food store).

2- Diversity of social and entertainment spaces:

-   Special social void: Enlarging the apartment blocks' area and converting it into a terrace instead of a saw.

-       Semi-private social void: a proposal to add a common light space between two apartments by casting the slab only.

-   General social void: adding various recreational, social, recreational and sporting activities by opening the seven common surfaces and connecting them to a track or path for cycling, running, or exercise.

3- Flexible and ingenious internal solutions that resist the Corona pandemic.


Transfer parking location from inside among the community to be outside but not far away and reuse it’s location in adding farming to help in produces fresh air and helping to add seats for gathering and many social activates

Double zone

A space between two flats to help them to connect together and have entertainment

-Additional Bathroom:-

To help if there is an infected member to isolate himself away from his family

-Isolation area:-

Close space to stay safe and prevent spread of the virus to protect other family member

-Waste Duct:-

A duct for emergency to keep the infected waste away from the family members and get rid of it safely.

- Modern farming systems:-

Addition of modern farming systems that affect psychological comfort in all spaces of the house as well as smooth out the interior climate. Also planting Some types of fruitful plants that can live inside the house and can meet some simple needs in the case of home isolation, which also plays a major role in calming the internal climate and gives psychological comfort to the users.

Connection “ Bridge “:-

Making a connection between the Residential Building  and make it bicycle path that will reinforce the connection between neighbors and add a different type of activity.

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