Administrative commercial complex in the new admnstrative capital Post Covid pandemic

Design approach

In the Corona pandemic, there is a need to design urban and architectural spaces adapted to the new constraints imposed to ensure the (physical and psychological) safety for individuals and society. Social distancing was one of the most important factors that called for a review of the different designs of the built environment and the way the world adapted to the new lifestyle. Here comes the role of the architect to develop innovative designs responsive to crisis.

We choose to design the workspace (office space) as one of the most important spaces used on a daily basis. We find that the layout design and furniture distribution must be modified to reduce the spread of corona virus and to make the working environment healthier, more creative and innovative.

We put in our consideration the employees needs for some services and activities throughout the day, especially break time.

Therefore, we think to design an integrated building that combines flexible administrative units with recreational and commercial units to make going to work amusing process   Besides,  the employees will not need to move to several places to obtain their basic needs.

Site selection

The location of the administrative capital was chosen due to its distinct location and proximity to the Suez Canal, regional roads and main hubs. The administrative capital is 45 km east of Cairo on the way to Suez. The State seeks to make it a great political, economic and cultural center, not only at the national level but also at the international level, particularly in the Middle East.

The architectural style used in the capital is the modern style, which is the dominant style for the administrative capital projects, it is one of the most appropriate models for technological development, and there is a large variety of models used in neighborhoods and buildings in the new capital according to the use of each building.



We designed administrative and commercial complex in line with the Corona pandemic, as the building consists of two main blocks connected at the top. The complex centered by a public space with landscape elements, seating for rest and eating. The building roof used for holding events that require an open space for a larger number of people, such as meetings or seminars. The building Surrounded with colored metal beams to support the structural system, shading the roof or closing it completely when needed, and to give the building dynamic and aesthetic style.

The building elevation is designed with modern architectural style with harmony of the urban context. The transparent glass with its unique circular pattern gives a distinctive shape to the building and gives shade to the interior spaces.

The building surrounded with external terraces used during employees rest times, and plant elements used to provide a creative-stimulating work environment that gave a psychological comfort.

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