Residential Project in Alex

  • The Project Main Concept:


After the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is turning mainly to doing business and various activities remotely without having to leave the house. The World Health Organization has warned of the risks of the closure to the mental health of individuals. And here comes the role of the interior designer to provide solutions for a healthy home and a quality of life for individuals. The goal of choosing a private house design specifically is to help implement social distancing by reducing overcrowding in vertical residential buildings and providing privacy and comfort for individuals when they have to stay for long continuous periods inside the house. The general idea of ​​the project is to design a comfortable and safe residence for an entire family in a small space, in which all the different needs of individuals are available. The goal is for the housing to be characterized by self-sufficiency and safety in a state of complete closure, and at the same time to allow individuals - regardless of their different lifestyles - to practice their daily activities normally. Special emphasis was placed on the mental health of individuals - which is as important as the physical health - and the provision of an appropriate and balanced environment for each family member, and avoids the negative feeling associated with closure and home isolation.

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