Culture center


It is located in the area located in an area of 90 square meters as shown in Figure (1), its area is located in the geographical location of the place, its area is located on the northern coast and there are some plants and short weeds. And it enjoys the distinctive climate in the northern coastal areas, from a cold climate in the winter to rain in the summer temperatures. 

Project concept :

The idea of ​​the project was based on the design (Biomimicry)

The process of simulation and mimicry of nature, known as Biomimicry, is launched for any imitation of nature. It is a method and a strategy to achieve urban sustainability by finding solutions to design problems by simulating the natural world.


This is done by imitating the forms found in nature and simulating its models, systems, and mechanism of operation as well as its elements, functions and environmental systems, and learning from its balanced genius and aesthetics, which are the creation of the Almighty Creator.

And design using sustainability by simulating nature is done through its environmental dimension, which means leaving the earth after development in a good condition or in a better condition for future generations, and this requires the practice of human activity in development without depleting resources that cause the deterioration of the natural environment.


The building interior and structure design:

- The building is characterized by a circular shape of glass, as it is a hemisphere of a metal structure, which means that hexagonal shapes assembled from glass that allow communication with the picturesque exterior nature and the passage of a greater amount of light to the building,

The following is Figure (3), the horizontal projection of the building, and Figure (4) shows the internal divisions of the building.

The building includes several internal spaces as follows:

  • Entrance.
  • Waiting area
  • The reception area .
  • The coffee corner.
  • Library area.
  • External reading space.
  • a bathroom.
  • workshop room.

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