Project Guide

A place where students can work safely without fear of contracting any viral diseases since we are still asked to work in groups and finish our projects even in dire circumstances and so arose the need for a safe, sustainable co-working space. We also chose this specific site as it is an iconic location in relation to many landmarks including Al-Sultan Hassan Mosque, Al-Refaii Mosque and the Citadel and while such magnificent buildings are present there is a huge lack of any student workplaces even though these places are usually teeming with students who go on site visits, or other projects and who don’t find any near places to work and might have to commute between the workplace and the site.

Our main goal is adding value:

Scientific Value:

Using sustainable building materials and energy conserving techniques.


Cultural Value:

Having an efficient modern design without desecrating such a religious and spiritual environment.

Educational Value:

New concepts in trying to prevent spread of viral infections in usually crowded spaces.

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