Re-design of educational buildings post Covid

How will the school transform into a new development paradigm?

How will architecture provide a new understanding of educational spaces?

A set of questions that present themselves to the architect in order to create new design standards to deal with Covid and other diseases that arise on our world during the coming periods.

Schools are among the most important institutions that have been affected by what happened recently after virus Covid-19. There is no doubt that this pandemic has a clear impact on changing our lifestyle at all levels, and our buildings are sure to be affected to accommodate this change, which is what prompted everyone to strive To create a safe environment for the wheel of development to rotate and maintain the priorities of life, and among the most important of those priorities is education, and this article discusses the following questions:

How would the educational process proceed in the wake of the emerging Covid-1 9 virus?

What actions need to be taken in schools to mitigate the damage of the Covid-1 9 virus, and even prevent any diseases in the future?

Does architecture and design have a role in these procedures?

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