Residential housing , Aswan , Egypt

The concept of design is designing a sustainable houses using a passive cooling systems as well as locally available building materials with low cost and high thermal efficiency

Recalling usage of local and traditional elements in aswan buildings in a modern aspect (exterior and interior).

Connecting indoor with outdoor nature through making all units have a panoramic view of Nile and islands of plants.

In order to reach comfort zone for a building in aswan it requires a lot treatments, these treatments are making wind catcher with a water spray in it to decrease air temperature and filtering it from dust .

Wind catchers is suitable for hot dry climate as it decrease temperature by 20 to 25 degrees from outdoor temperature.

A cheap cooling system with high efficiency .

Making a circular openings of diameter 25cm in tower to allow inlet of air to space it helps in controlling amount of air entering instead of having a window opening which gives only one option whether to open or close

Making a concical tube of palm leaf stalk inserted in tower holes instead of a cylindrical one or only a circular opening this is to allow increase speed of air entering from small inlet to large outlet and cause air diffusion and distribution in whole space  .

The inlet of cone having a wire to avoid inlet of insects.

Choosing sun dried mud brick as a building material helps in creating comfort zone as it cools building in summer , warm in winter and avoid humidity .

Also it is a cheap building material with high thermal efficiency


Making sun breakers for windows in south and east façade to avoid direct sunlight and heating interior space.

Having a green roof  with green wall also helps in decreasing building temperature as they act as evaporative coolers. Also the roof is used as a sitting area with Nile view.

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