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Energizing Architecture (Energizing People through Architecture):

  Architecture and the arts are a reflection of society's issues and needs. So we have to investigate both the global and local scenes.
The world has suffered a lot from racism and intolerance imposing individual opinion on others, monopolizing idealism and considering difference as a crime.

Today we live in a world that believes in difference and understands the opinion and the other opinion, democracy and pluralism.
This stems from a complete belief that DIVERSITY and PLURALISM are natural and healthy in any society.
Pluralism denotes a diversity of views or stands rather than a single approach or method.

How architecture can be energizing ?...
  Big cities have growing pains and social cohesiveness is under pressure from an increased difference between rich and poor, social segregation, ghettoes, immigration of guest workers and refugees, commercial mass tourism etc.
In this context, it is important to ask which role architecture and urban design can play to counteract the negative consequences of globalization and to

contribute in making our cities socially sustainable

we should take our point of departure in a broadened understanding of the role of architecture in relation to developmental problems .
Architectural projects frame particular functions and via their form language, they can provide the user with an aesthetic experience.
The broadened understanding of architecture consists in that an architectural project by virtue of its placement in the context and of its composition of programs, can have a mediating role in a positive or cultural development of the district. In this sense, we talk about architecture as catalyst for urban transformation, for development of a more inclusive urban life, for strengthening of the social cohesiveness and learning.


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