ALIVE: Residential Typology

     Humans Health is the extent of an individual’s continuing physical, emotional, mental, and social ability to cope with his or her environment. In the last centuries due to human actions, there has been a lot of climatic changes, pollution, diseases that lead to the emersion of epidemics and recently the appearance of the pandemic Covid-19 that made radical changes to our lives as humans.

This new reality has forced us to reconsider ourselves.

In order to cope with theses new changes our thinking process, methodology, approach had to change. Building livable cities and buildings that are capable of facing the future epidemics do not necessarily mean rebuilding new cities. We need our cities to respect nature that humanity has violated. Less crowded cities with abundant green open spaces and open buildings are important to improve the human health physically and psychologically.

     Our vision is to create a project to be a turning point in Egypt that includes different activities that can be practiced comfortably and to achieve flexibility within small spaces in coronavirus era.

     The aim of our project design is to create environments that stimulates the mind in order to provide pleasure, creativity, relaxation and enjoyment.     

     Since home has become a place for many activities, it has become essential to design it in a way to increase humans’ productivity and efficiency. Having a cluttered home can make you feel tired and sluggish, thus improving  home environment will have positive effects on our physical health and mental wellness.

The goal is to come to a design criteria that will help us achieve physical, mental, and social wellbeing through passive designs:

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