Return to Nature

A tourist and cultural project in the Wadi El-Gemal region, as it is a protected area that includes many rare and distinctive libra and marine creatures. It is located in the Eastern Desert, which has many mountains, such as Jebel Hamata, which is the highest mountain in the Eastern Desert. This distinctive region does not have a tourist resonance among tourists. The main objective of the project is to know Tourists are more in the area and to be a tourist attraction that tourists from all over the world attract

Components of the project :

1- Skyscraper (hotel) consisting of 17 floors - on one floor there are two single rooms and three double rooms The total number of single rooms is 34 rooms and the total number of double rooms is 51 rooms

2- Library: It consists of two floors and includes many tourist and cultural books to inform tourists about the history of the place

3- Restaurant: It consists of three floors

4- Tourist exhibition: It consists of two floors, which are projectors that display the history of the place and some documentaries

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