Argi-Integrational Home Eat – Pray – Work In House

According to the new challenges, especially the Covid pandemic, which results in imperative current urban and architectural challenges, the need for housing units that offer an appropriate environment to face this pandemic has become a must. Also, according to the spread of the residential areas and the disappearance of productive green spaces that pressured our agricultural production in general and food in particular, the need to reach a design with a new vision for sustainable Egyptian housing becomes necessary, while at the same time facing future and current challenges such as Covid. In addition, meeting the basic needs of the Egyptian citizen of food and mental health.

Accordingly, the design aimed to choose local, easy-to-use materials available for the residential building construction that redefines housing for contemporary Egyptian citizens. The building or unit mixes the essential residential spaces with spaces that can be used for work as well as available lands for the cultivation of basic food materials. That will provide a healthy residential environment and ventilation for all spaces at least from three different elevational directions.

The one unit consists of a reception room, a bedroom, and a room that can be used as a space for sleeping or work. In addition, sacks that include all services, as well as three possible small spaces for isolation uses in case of disease. Distribute the blanks as follows:

- Reception space with bathroom 25 m2

- Two isolation rooms and the possibility of reducing them to one and re-installing them, each area of ​​​​10 square meters

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