Dental Centre Project

The place are designed to serve patients

• The project is a Dental Center that provides all dental specialties in one place to serve the largest number of patients, provides medical care, protects against the spread of diseases, and provides psychological comfort to patients through the use of cold colors in the interior design with the use of warm lighting.

• Most patients be afraid of the closed dental clinic, so the clinics are opened with glass windows overlooking on the River Nile to break the fear and get comfort from nature.

• The building depends on its design, the vertical distribution of elements and waiting areas to reduce the gathering of visitors in one area, which helps to Non-spread of diseases, especially Covid-19, so that the patient is welcomed on the first floor and the doctor directs the patient to the Diagnosis room, so It's going to help patients not gathered in one place.

• The project is designed in such a way that depends on natural lighting throughout the hours of the day and natural ventilation throughout the large-screen windows in the northern and northeastern facades, which provide indirect natural lighting  by the facades with small surfaces, and longitudinally in the southern facades working to move the air inside the floor  Added to the southern windows with tight openings that cool the air entering the spaces, which saves energy and also the air movement works purely and thus reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

• The building is designed with Brazilian Design, which is distinguished by the simple semi-circular arches added to it mixed with modern architecture through the glass surfaces in the facades. The design from the colors of the rural houses is mixed with degrees of light brown, light gray and light green.

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