Educational Center

Why Education

Since Corona virus has hit Egypt hard, the most negatively impacted, Education field, classes were closed, learning platform was conducted online, and the network of Egypt wasn’t well prepared for this, and the scientific material wasn’t properly conducted, interaction between students and teachers was missed which is a very influencing factor in educational process, unlike other fields:

• Commercial: Economic status were in a remarkable growth

• Residential: was discussed in many platforms & already extracted many solutions and alternatives for it. • Entertainment & sports: This field found its alternatives, people replaced many activities by cycling and running and this made them dispense with sport clubs, gymnasiums & playgrounds

Administration: this was conducted online, but not very negatively affected like education (no scientific material needed to transfer)

Chosen site

The more challenges a chosen site faces, the more successful a built on design to be, so, we’ve chosen a very deterriorated site (poverty wise & education), in Egypt: Assiut - Sohag According to a study, the most 5 poor governorates in Egypt (Assiut, Sohag, Bani-Suef, Beheira & Cairo). Being in lower Egypt, facing worse atmospheric conditions makes the site more challenging & interesting to make an intelligent and flexible design there “Climate proof” (2)

Chosen land:

So, chosen site: Sohag  The educational crisis is getting worse by default, It;s more deterriorated due to COVID-19 concerns & regulations, so we chose our activity typology and developed it to basic education stage: Primary & Preparatory school. Capacity: 200 student Total surface area:  Services: totally inclusive & fully independent Economy: students small projects



Nile is the river of knowledge that feed Egyptian’s brains. Since the River Nile has been always the source of wealth to Egypt, so the angle of Delta with the horizon is inspired to entrance of our project as symbolism (Gate of knowledge).

It  was the symbol of Richness, since it’s the longest river in the world. It symbolizes the Lotus flower that is the symbol of regeneration of life in Ancient Egyptian, and so will be the Education forever


rice straw is from the local waste material that is potentially ready to be recycled as building material (blocks: 20cm*10cm*6cm)  and building sheets, highly advantage

 • naturally fire rated

•highly insulative

 • non rottable 

•moisture resistance

• available with different densities and dimensions (flexible)

Palm Fronds: Recycling process through the reuse of old males palms waste, without shape transformation (low tech - low budget), high tensile strength that can be used as rebar, (It’s a full function)

Land potentials & context: (Green lands)


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