Inside out

After the recent epidemic, when all the world's services were shut down, people committed to their homes and kept in lockdown until the spread of the disease was prevented.

It led to a lot of symptoms of depression, loneliness and boredom among people for a number of reasons.
The designer's lack of attention to the user's indirect needs includes attention to the existence of basic spaces.
Bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and other traditional spaces
That has become the reality in most of our homes. They are designed to achieve the usual needs without looking at any other considerations or needs beyond the different nature and needs of human beings. Yet in most modern and old designs, we see that the demands of the user are the last think to think about.

So when the world was completely closed, many people found it difficult to stay in their homes for long periods of time because of the lack of different home spatial space and the lack of a suitable design to meet the needs of the different user.

But that wasn't the only effect of the lockdown, so several companies and services moved to work from home online.
Many problems have emerged for work from home, such as the lack of a proper space or office.
By adding to the noise of the house
And the impact of the shutdown on us continues until we see the need for a video room, where a lot of people around the world have turned to electronic games to counter the ban and to spend time, so for that a new space have emerged
When you think about these problems, some of which have come up on lockdown, we find that the urgent question for us is how to solve these problems.
So the easy answer that comes to mind at first is to increase the number of rooms and spaces.
But that's not a fair solution. Increasing rooms is equal to increasing the total area is equal to increasing the cost to the user.
In addition, people's needs vary and vary from person to person.
So the right question is, how do we achieve all of the user's needs in spite of the small space and the diversity of spaces to suit everyone's need?

Taking an interest in all the problems that have emerged recently and, in the past, tries to meet all the needs of the user and create a healthy and sustainable housing environment. We got our design idea.

The project site has been selected to be located in Egypt's new capital.
Our capital is an architectural masterpiece that is not inspired by one place, and we find that every place has a different architecture influence that is diverse and distinctive.
We find that the capital has a hot, dry climate, which presents challenges for setting up the climate and creating a privileged climate within units without the need for mechanical machines.
Solutions are divided into two parts: unit solutions and cluster solutions, and all solutions are designed to meet the challenges posed by the global epidemic or old problems.

Housing Unit
When looking at the housing unit, we find several new problems and questions that have emerged following the epidemic:
How's the patient being isolated from the rest of the family in the same house?
How to create spaces suitable for many uses and spaces that carry long stays?
How to achieve all the conditions and needs in small spaces?
And we find that the best solution is multi-use spaces, because not all users are like each other, and it's unfair to have one design that applies to all people, ignoring their different needs.
And we applied that by using multiple, easy-to-use furniture, which were shown using a room for many different uses.
Another solution is to use moving walls where we can change the space and create new spaces.
But it's not the best solution when dealing with the epidemic, and it's not going to be able to do a highly efficient isolation chamber.
When designing housing units, two models were done, trying to achieve all basic and emerging needs.

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