Oasis Housing Affordable and Sustainable Housing in Siwa Oasis


The design of residential buildings reflects the development and development of various building technologies and materials to overcome climate problems during different historical periods. Also, at the present time, with the tremendous population growth and the high consumption of raw materials and energy resources, there has become a trend for the quantitative production of houses and concrete buildings and not relying on the friendly direction. For the environment, which has already achieved the admiration of many and the psychological comfort, therefore, environmental architecture and interior design solutions are an important tool to mitigate the negative impact of the modern construction sector.With the passage of time, the situation became more and more narrow, which prompted the state to establish affordable housing units to help young people find suitable shelter that would help them start life, especially in the Siwa Oasis, even though it is one of the oldest sites in the Western Desert of Egypt, and the customs and traditions of its people are different from the rest of the residents of the bank. It increased the attraction to it,

General Site

Located in dakrur mountain , Siwa Oasis , Egypt at the western edge of the Western Desert, as shown in Figure 1, and it forms a kind of closed basin. It is located 560 km from Cairo, 65 km east of the Libyan border, and 300 km southwest of Matrouh on the edge of the great sandy sea. The oasis is 82 km long and between 2 and 20 km in width. It is one of the most isolated settlements in Egypt with around 33,000 people.

It enjoys enchanting natural beauty and a distinctive architectural style due to the invasion of concrete blocks that destroy the natural environment of the oasis.


Distinguish it as a therapeutic tourist resort that protect against Coronavirus

The oasis is characterized by its white hot sand that has many properties that make it capable of treating many rheumatic diseases, joint pain, spinal pain, digestive system, polio, and psoriasis, and the hot water in the oasis is divided into two types: ordinary hot water and sulfurous hot water from the heart of the oasis where one type is treated Especially made of clay with this water and is used in the treatment of many skin diseases and skin problems, and it can also be used in the treatment of the respiratory system.   


Traditional Architectural Style

Siwa Oasis is distinguished by its unique architectural, environmental and heritage nature. Houses and public and private facilities, including hotels and resorts, are built using clay mixed with salt, which is called "Karshef" in the Siwa dialect.

The reason for choosing this material is that it has characteristics that suit the surrounding environment, weather factors and a very hot climate in summer and warm in winter, as the materials used in construction maintain the temperature of the building in summer and winter.

Most of the houses have one or two floors, and in the event that some buildings are constructed with modern building materials, their façades are made in the same architectural pattern and using the "archive" material, with the same heights being adhered to.

The roofs are made of palm wood and olive leaf to reinforce the roof against rain. The window and door openings were rectangular and made of palm wood.

Cladding the facades of the building using a special type of green clay found in Siwa, in order to make the building environmentally friendly. In addition, the texture of the finished walls is coarse to refract the sun's rays in order to provide shade on the facades as long as possible to reduce the amount of heat absorbed.

*** The traditional building technology in Siwa Oasis is more environmental, social and economic than modern technology, but it has defects in its stability and durability due to weak strength and rain resistance. Therefore, we have to create a different technology that maintains the unique architectural character of the oasis and at the same time makes the buildings durable throughout its life cycle.

Affordable( Residential )Architectural

Project Design

Only one-storey residential units on an affordable area of 90 square meters in a residential complex on Lake Siwa are designed according to the traditional shape of buildings in the area, using environmentally friendly materials close to the service area.

  The design of residential buildings in this project reflects the development of various building techniques and materials to overcome climate problems and its primary goal is to build attractive, comfortable and affordable shelters that do not have negative impacts on the surrounding environment.


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