Food Shelter

Project idea

The aim of the project is The “food shelter” is a humanitarian project designed to contribute to social development programs in poorer countries where date palm trees are cultivated. After a six year research and development program on combining traditional materials with modern techniques, this palm leaf building will be the first with the use of tensile fabric for the roof covering. to represent the direction of environmental architecture and to use the idea of the architectural cellar used by Engineer /Hassan Fathy in his works and to achieve the greatest amount of shaded bodies. This is also to the use of plant residues that are wasted in many forms and harm the environment and because of its unsanious economic value available in many countries.

Construction materials

The sticks are cut and left to dry well and each 10 sticks are grouped into a package that connects well with simple ropes and is built as follows

First, for walls:

1- The package sets are stacked next to each other vertically and well connected to the appropriate ropes for that

2- Stack a second layer of beams horizontally next to each other and bind to each other and bind to the vertical layer

3- The two layers are reinforced by a spaced layer of slanted beams

Thus the wall is made, and the length of the wall reaches 6 meters and the area of the room to 4* 6 meters and the height of the room reaches 3 or 4 meters after burying part of the height underground to strengthen the walls

Secondly, for the roof:

Either he does the same way before.

Or the single inch sticks are stacked next to each other and tightened well with thin and sturdy ropes and this is in the short direction of the room-forming can

And then the vertical second layer is stacked on it in the long direction in the same way

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